Vintage File Cabinet

This poor little vintage file cabinet was going to be thrown away! I couldn’t let that happen, because it was just too cute! Unfortunately I do not have any before photos of it, but it was in rough shape. It was an off-white color with rust, and the brass handles were oxidized so much that they were almost completely black.

I took all of the knobs off and soaked them in Snow Bowl toilet bowl cleaner then scrubbed them clean. I then sanded and painted the file cabinet a hammered textured, chocolate brown.

Isn’t it just adorable!? I’m glad I saved this little guy’s life.

I hope you enjoyed!!!


Inexpensive Home Decor

My new obsession is making these decorative spheres. I first got the idea of how to make these from people using bright colored yarn for kid art projects. The bright colors are great for decorating a colorful party, a kids bedroom, or a holiday. But these more neutral colors can be used anywhere around the house to decorate, and can be set up year round.

Instead of using yarn I used hemp, twine, and other “earthy” colors of textured rope that I could find. This time of the year, the garden section has an awesome variety of organic ropes available.

• I use small water balloons and blow them up so that they are a perfect sphere.

• I then take 2 parts Elmer’s Glue to 1 part water and mix until even.

• I dip the rope ( a little at a time) into the bowl and then start wrapping it around the balloon over and over.

• I hang the balloons, and wait overnight until they are completely dry.

• After they are dry, you can pop the ballon. It is very similar to paper mache.

These are great for decorating your living room, dining room, or kitchen. The neutral color scheme for these help them fit in anyones home. Plus they are super affordable compared to the expensive decor you would buy at the store.

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Metal Side Table

You know when you are at a restaurant and you grab a paper cup out of the counter, and then another cup pops out. Well I just so happen to have a few of the metal cup popper-uppers laying around.

I search all over looking for different kinds of metal pieces for making things out of. Within my pile of metal was also a large pizza dish.

So what do you do with cup popper-uppers and a giant pizza dish??? You make a table of course! 

In the reading area

It fits right in!!

If anyone is interested in purchasing this table, please email me at

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Jewelry Organizer

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is untangling my jewelry! I looked and looked for a jewelry organizer everywhere, but the ones I like costs between $40.00 to $50.00. So I made my own. It was definately creative • affordable • fun.

All of my necklaces individually displayed

I used a towel bar. Then I found shower curtain hooks on a clearance rack for $3.00 for a 24 pack. I would much rather spend $3.00 then $50.00. Plus, it looks super cool.

Shower Curtain Hooks

It’s really conveinent seeing all of my jewelry in a row. I can pick something out fast and be on my way.

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I hope you enjoyed!!!

Ribbon-Roll Picture Frame

I’ll keep it short and sweet tonight. Here is my Ribon-Roll Picture Frame…

Simply screw a few hooks into the frame, and place dowels in between.

I also use this as my wrapping paper holder at Christmas time. The pattern on the paper is a decoration in itself!

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Herman Miller School Chair – FaceLift

I have had this old Herman Miller Chair in my basement for a while now. I know the furniture nerds are going to hate me for painting all over this chair.  But hey, it was either going to be refinished my way, or be thrown out. I choose my way…

Chair – Before

Step 1: Remove plastic feet, because they were destroyed.

Sanding the Chair

Step 2: Sand entire chair, and clean off with a damp sponge.

Behr – Black Gloss Paint

Step 3: Painting


I put 2 coats of Black Gloss Behr Paint on this chair. Waiting about 2 hours in between each coat.

Let the Doodling Begin!

Step 4: I took a small paintbrush and used a high gloss white trim paint by Glidden and started painting the doodles.

More Doodle

It took me a few sitting sessions to finish the doodle. But in the mean time I found these awesome little feet that just slide right onto the legs. They were about $2.00 at Meijer for all 4 of them!!

Feet for Chair

Step 5: I ended up painting a 2-part epoxy onto the chair, creating a super high gloss. This takes about 24-72 hours to completely cure.

All Done!!!

Hope You Enjoyed!!!

Making a House a Home

I really want my blog to be about the creative things that I am currently doing…but Before I start all of that, I would like to show you before and afters of my home in Grand Rapids MI.

Front of house when first purchased

Outside of home complete

Office - Before

Office Complete

Stairs - Before

Stairs - After

Spare Room - Before

Spare Room - After

Bathroom #1 - Before

Bathroom #1 - After

Bathroom #2 - Before

Bathroom #2 - After

Master Bedroom - Before

Master Bedroom - After

Living Room - Before

Living Room - After

Dining Room - Before

Dining Room - After

I saved the best for last…

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

Kitchen - Before

Kitchen - After

I hope you enjoyed looking!!!

My first post!

Go big or go home is a phrase that I live by! And I figure my first post should be about the first big project I did after I bought my house. I’m going to call this my Free Shed Project. 

Every week I will check Craigslist for inexpensive or free items that I can refurbish and make my own. After I bought my house I needed a shed…so I went on good ol Craigslist and found myself a free shed.

Thank goodness I had my dad and a few of my brothers friends, because we had to load this shed onto a trailer and place it into my backyard.

Shed – Before

We ripped the walls off completely, leaving a frame and the roof with good shingles. We then replaced the walls with stucco board, and I then painted it Glidden, flat, exterior, Warm Caramel. The Glidden website has a bunch of great color schemes.

Shed – In Progress

I decided to make 2 doors that swing open so I can drive my lawn mower inside.

Shed – After

All done! All it needed was a little TLC. Hope you enjoyed!