DIY simple ways to update vintage camper

I have searching for 2 years for the perfect vintage camper…2 years!! I finally stumbled across this cute 1973 Sprite Camper. The inside had some work previously done to it, but I wanted to turn this camper into a glamper and give it the dolcidesign charm!

IMG_1811 Here is the outside. I think I am going to leave it this color.

Here are some befores of the inside:


I’m going to keep it short and sweet and straight to the point. This is what I changed:

  1. I changed the sewed cushions and pillows for the bench area:

    2. Floor: I bought peel & stick floor and laid it down. I spent $40.00 total, and it made a world of a difference. Little tip: Spray rubbing alcohol down on floor first to make sure floor is extremely clean before laying it down. Click here to see what flooring I purchased.


3. Another quick fix I did was put con-tact paper down to cover the cabinets. It looks so cute now. Click Here to see what I bought. I added 2 storage tubs for our food. These totes came in handy for packing and unpacking! Here is where I bought those from…best price around!

4. I painted the heater and refrigerator to give a more vintage feel.



5. I glued and screwed up a metal back splash and also screwed in a cute hanger from ikea to hang my utensils.IMG_1818

6.And last but not least: We tore out the old couch that was in the back and I found a futon that fit the area perfect. I placed an outdoor rug down and hung a banner I already owned…Futon is from wally world. I love that it is made out of pleather, and is easy to clean. It looks super classy and it was cheap, so when the kids come in with muddy feat, I wipe it right down! IMG_1767

Things really came together!!! Thank you for looking and I hope I inspired you to glamp up your camper!


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