Wall Decal

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great 4th of July! I know I did.

Today I want to show you a quick, easy, affordable way to spice up a space by using wall decals.

Here you will see my dark grey accent wall behind my dining table. I thought long and hard about possibly painting a design onto my wall, or maybe getting my own vinyl design made out. But seriously…why make something harder then it needs to be.


I found these “Wall Accents” at my local craft store, of course on clearance…they happened to be exactly what I was looking for, so I bought them!

Before getting started, I got out my smoothing tool. I used this for putting up wall paper. It helps smooth out bubbles and unevenness.

Here we are…the first sticker has gone up. A good tip when doing this, is to stay calm. If you are not careful putting the stickers on, this project can easily turn into a big crinkled up ball thrown into the trash! Remember breathe in…breath out…and stick it…and smooth it!

Oh look here! We have successfully put the second sticker up! I did not want the same design as what was on the package so I did end up using my xacto knife to cut off certain parts and add them to other parts.

The final flower has been placed….and I love it! It is just what I was thinking it would look like in my head.

Before & After

…here is the before and after. I want to add more to the wall to balance the flowers, but for now it is a pleasant change to my blank wall.

…isn’t it just cute!?


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