Shabby Chic Chairs

I spotted one of these chairs at my local thrift store, and couldn’t stop thinking about it after I had left, so I had to go back and get it. When I went back I noticed their was a matching one. I had to buy them both!!! They were a little wobbly and the fabric was hideous, but I knew I could put some of my charm into them.

…and here is a close-up of the fabric that was originally on the chairs.

To start this project I ripped the cushion off of the chair.

I sanded these chairs down, and painted them white.

Here they are side-by-side in between painting both of them.

Once they were painted, I wanted to distress them. Here they are side-by-side in between distressing them both.

After distressing, I brought the chairs outside and quick dusted of the paint that I just scratched off. These are starting to look amazing!!!

****Now onto the reupholstering of the cushion*****

This seat was in rough shape all around. The hardest part of this project was ripping off the layers of fabric that people had covered on top of the original fabric. I wasn’t about to add another layer to that mess. I wanted to do it the right way and put all new foam and fabric onto this seat.

So here we have the wood seat, the foam, and the fabric that I chose to cover the seat in.

This is a swatch of the fabric that I chose to cover the seat in. It is Steel-Case fabric that I bought on discount because it was part of an end-roll.

The seat reupholstered.

Once everything was done, I assembled the reupholstered seat, and the chairs together…and this is what I got.

Aren’t they just beautiful!?!?!?





and some more photos…


Gotta have that black and white!!!…

I hope you enjoyed!!! Show me some love & Pin some of my things on your Pinterest!!!   -Philicia


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