Shabby Chic Frame

I feel like it’s been forever since my last post. I was on vacation, in beautiful South Carolina, and when I came home I was buried in laundry!! But I feel caught up now (after 2 weeks), and I am ready to blog.

I wanted to show you this old black mirror that my friend Dayna gave me.

As you can see, it is really cool!!!! The only thing about it was that the mirror  was so old that it was starting to chip and decay.

I decided to take the mirror out of the frame and and paint the frame white to match my office.

The first step to this project was to take the mirror out of the frame.

Once I took out all of the staples and screws from the back, I laid the frame onto a table to be painted. BUT FIRST it had to be sanded!! I just use a foam block sander, and sand it by hand. Just a quick scrub down to give the old paint a little bit of roughness, so that the new paint sticks.

Here are a few pics of what the frame looked like after being sanded.

Now onto painting. I wanted this frame to POP when it was mounted on my wall. My walls are matte paint, so I chose a semi-gloss, interior, white paint. Glidden brand is my all time favorite interior paint!!! I would say you get the most bang for your buck with this brand. It holds up good, looks beautiful, and is priced right.

I didn’t primer this so I ended up putting about 4 coats of white on this frame.

And now the frame is done!!!

I had these other open-face picture frames that I bought at Hobby Lobby for 90% off. They ended up only costing $1.99 each! I thought I would incorporate these frames with my new white frame on my wall.

I added a mirror, cork, and my DolciDesign logo in these frames.

Fun Photo!!!

and I think I shall end things off with a little Black and White action 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!!!


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