Ottoman made out of an old Pallet

I have been obsessed with reusing pallets lately. Earlier this week I started making a shoe rack out of an old pallet and today I decided to make an ottoman out of a pallet that I got from work.

 I was also able to find these casters that came off of an old shelf.

I drilled the casters onto the pallet.

Next, I used this giant pillow for a cushion.

This material is the only thing I had to buy for this project!!! It is thick upholstery fabric  and it was only $10.00 for the 1 yard that I got.

I stapled the fabric around the bottom of the pallet with a staple-gun.

From there I trimmed the excess fabric off.

And there you have it!!!  A super cute accent piece in the home.

Love Black & White!!!

Oh yeah, I forget to mention that I looked similar ottomans up online. I couldn’t find anything under $200.00. I think I am just fine and dandy with my $10.00 ottoman!!

Please let me know what you think!! Have any ideas for my next blog? Email me at

Hope you enjoyed!!! ❤


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