DIY Spring / Summer Wreath

Spring is here!!! The weather in Grand Rapids MI these past few days have been record breaking high temperatures!!! and…I’m LOVING it! I have been wanting to make a wreath for my red front door, for a while now,  but didn’t know what to do until I was inspired by this amazing weather!

Here is what my Front Red Door looked like without a wreath.

Front Red Door - Before

I bought a pre-made wicker wreath, for about $4.00 at my local craft store.

I decided I wanted fun, warm colors incorporated into this wreath to compliment this warm weather.

I started making paper flowers out of pastel colored card stock paper, then placed them along the left side of the wreath.

Break-Down of How to make the Paper Flowers.

Step 1 Cut Paper into a Square.

Step 2 Cut Square into a Circle.

Step 3 Cut a Spiral out of the Circle.

Step 4 Start to Roll the Edge of the Spiral

Step 5 Continue Rolling All of the Way Up the Spiral Until You Can Not Roll Any More.

Step 6 Glue the Bottom of the Paper Flower into a Shape that Looks Good.

There You Have Your Paper Flower!!

*Remember – If at first your first flower doesn’t turn out, try it again…It takes a little getting use to. But I have faith in you!*

Flowers Lined along the left side of the wreath

Now I have taken a wooden Bird shape and wrapped it in Yarn. I laser-cut this shape out myself at work, but they have many wood shapes to choose from at your local craft store for about $1.00 each.

Below you can see the birds wrapped in yarn. Hot Glue works well for keeping the yarn in tack on the wood.

Use hot glue for placing everything onto the wreath as well.

The finished Spring / Summer Wreath….


and After…

Fun Photos of the piece.

I hope you enjoyed!!! ❤

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any of my pieces, feel free to Facebook me or email me at


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