Nightstand with a New Attitude

I have 1 nightstand for 1 side of my bed right now, but it would be nice to have 1 on each side, so I went searching! I found this beat up nightstand with some great character and got a great deal for it.


Maybe it’s the beautiful weather we have been having lately, but I am in the mood for pastel Easter/Spring colors. I debated on pastel blues, or greens, but I already painted rooms in my house that color, and frankly I’m kind of over those colors (for now). So I chose to paint this a daffodil yellow! And…



I wanted that beach-y distressed look, and I got it!

I cleaned up the knobs, painted them silver, then threw them around a bit, to give them a distressed look too.

After I was done working on this, my boyfriend, Alan really wanted it for his record player…so maybe, if he’s lucky, I will let him use it for that.

Then I guess that means I get to make another one for myself!

I hope you enjoyed!!!


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