Inexpensive Home Decor

My new obsession is making these decorative spheres. I first got the idea of how to make these from people using bright colored yarn for kid art projects. The bright colors are great for decorating a colorful party, a kids bedroom, or a holiday. But these more neutral colors can be used anywhere around the house to decorate, and can be set up year round.

Instead of using yarn I used hemp, twine, and other “earthy” colors of textured rope that I could find. This time of the year, the garden section has an awesome variety of organic ropes available.

• I use small water balloons and blow them up so that they are a perfect sphere.

• I then take 2 parts Elmer’s Glue to 1 part water and mix until even.

• I dip the rope ( a little at a time) into the bowl and then start wrapping it around the balloon over and over.

• I hang the balloons, and wait overnight until they are completely dry.

• After they are dry, you can pop the ballon. It is very similar to paper mache.

These are great for decorating your living room, dining room, or kitchen. The neutral color scheme for these help them fit in anyones home. Plus they are super affordable compared to the expensive decor you would buy at the store.

I hope you enjoyed!!!


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