Herman Miller School Chair – FaceLift

I have had this old Herman Miller Chair in my basement for a while now. I know the furniture nerds are going to hate me for painting all over this chair.  But hey, it was either going to be refinished my way, or be thrown out. I choose my way…

Chair – Before

Step 1: Remove plastic feet, because they were destroyed.

Sanding the Chair

Step 2: Sand entire chair, and clean off with a damp sponge.

Behr – Black Gloss Paint

Step 3: Painting


I put 2 coats of Black Gloss Behr Paint on this chair. Waiting about 2 hours in between each coat.

Let the Doodling Begin!

Step 4: I took a small paintbrush and used a high gloss white trim paint by Glidden and started painting the doodles.

More Doodle

It took me a few sitting sessions to finish the doodle. But in the mean time I found these awesome little feet that just slide right onto the legs. They were about $2.00 at Meijer for all 4 of them!!

Feet for Chair

Step 5: I ended up painting a 2-part epoxy onto the chair, creating a super high gloss. This takes about 24-72 hours to completely cure.

All Done!!!

Hope You Enjoyed!!!


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