My first post!

Go big or go home is a phrase that I live by! And I figure my first post should be about the first big project I did after I bought my house. I’m going to call this my Free Shed Project. 

Every week I will check Craigslist for inexpensive or free items that I can refurbish and make my own. After I bought my house I needed a shed…so I went on good ol Craigslist and found myself a free shed.

Thank goodness I had my dad and a few of my brothers friends, because we had to load this shed onto a trailer and place it into my backyard.

Shed – Before

We ripped the walls off completely, leaving a frame and the roof with good shingles. We then replaced the walls with stucco board, and I then painted it Glidden, flat, exterior, Warm Caramel. The Glidden website has a bunch of great color schemes.

Shed – In Progress

I decided to make 2 doors that swing open so I can drive my lawn mower inside.

Shed – After

All done! All it needed was a little TLC. Hope you enjoyed!


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