DIY simple ways to update vintage camper

I have searching for 2 years for the perfect vintage camper…2 years!! I finally stumbled across this cute 1973 Sprite Camper. The inside had some work previously done to it, but I wanted to turn this camper into a glamper and give it the dolcidesign charm!

IMG_1811 Here is the outside. I think I am going to leave it this color.

Here are some befores of the inside:


I’m going to keep it short and sweet and straight to the point. This is what I changed:

  1. I changed the sewed cushions and pillows for the bench area:

    2. Floor: I bought peel & stick floor and laid it down. I spent $40.00 total, and it made a world of a difference. Little tip: Spray rubbing alcohol down on floor first to make sure floor is extremely clean before laying it down. Click here to see what flooring I purchased.


3. Another quick fix I did was put con-tact paper down to cover the cabinets. It looks so cute now. Click Here to see what I bought. I added 2 storage tubs for our food. These totes came in handy for packing and unpacking! Here is where I bought those from…best price around!

4. I painted the heater and refrigerator to give a more vintage feel.



5. I glued and screwed up a metal back splash and also screwed in a cute hanger from ikea to hang my utensils.IMG_1818

6.And last but not least: We tore out the old couch that was in the back and I found a futon that fit the area perfect. I placed an outdoor rug down and hung a banner I already owned…Futon is from wally world. I love that it is made out of pleather, and is easy to clean. It looks super classy and it was cheap, so when the kids come in with muddy feat, I wipe it right down! IMG_1767

Things really came together!!! Thank you for looking and I hope I inspired you to glamp up your camper!


Baby Girls Nursery

I absolutely am in love with how my baby girls nursery turned out. The second I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I instantly started brainstorming ideas for what I could do for this little room for a little girl!

Here are links to a few items in the room:


-Turquoise cart

-White Rocker















Wall Decal

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a great 4th of July! I know I did.

Today I want to show you a quick, easy, affordable way to spice up a space by using wall decals.

Here you will see my dark grey accent wall behind my dining table. I thought long and hard about possibly painting a design onto my wall, or maybe getting my own vinyl design made out. But seriously…why make something harder then it needs to be.


I found these “Wall Accents” at my local craft store, of course on clearance…they happened to be exactly what I was looking for, so I bought them!

Before getting started, I got out my smoothing tool. I used this for putting up wall paper. It helps smooth out bubbles and unevenness.

Here we are…the first sticker has gone up. A good tip when doing this, is to stay calm. If you are not careful putting the stickers on, this project can easily turn into a big crinkled up ball thrown into the trash! Remember breathe in…breath out…and stick it…and smooth it!

Oh look here! We have successfully put the second sticker up! I did not want the same design as what was on the package so I did end up using my xacto knife to cut off certain parts and add them to other parts.

The final flower has been placed….and I love it! It is just what I was thinking it would look like in my head.

Before & After

…here is the before and after. I want to add more to the wall to balance the flowers, but for now it is a pleasant change to my blank wall.

…isn’t it just cute!?

Shabby Chic Chairs

I spotted one of these chairs at my local thrift store, and couldn’t stop thinking about it after I had left, so I had to go back and get it. When I went back I noticed their was a matching one. I had to buy them both!!! They were a little wobbly and the fabric was hideous, but I knew I could put some of my charm into them.

…and here is a close-up of the fabric that was originally on the chairs.

To start this project I ripped the cushion off of the chair.

I sanded these chairs down, and painted them white.

Here they are side-by-side in between painting both of them.

Once they were painted, I wanted to distress them. Here they are side-by-side in between distressing them both.

After distressing, I brought the chairs outside and quick dusted of the paint that I just scratched off. These are starting to look amazing!!!

****Now onto the reupholstering of the cushion*****

This seat was in rough shape all around. The hardest part of this project was ripping off the layers of fabric that people had covered on top of the original fabric. I wasn’t about to add another layer to that mess. I wanted to do it the right way and put all new foam and fabric onto this seat.

So here we have the wood seat, the foam, and the fabric that I chose to cover the seat in.

This is a swatch of the fabric that I chose to cover the seat in. It is Steel-Case fabric that I bought on discount because it was part of an end-roll.

The seat reupholstered.

Once everything was done, I assembled the reupholstered seat, and the chairs together…and this is what I got.

Aren’t they just beautiful!?!?!?





and some more photos…


Gotta have that black and white!!!…

I hope you enjoyed!!! Show me some love & Pin some of my things on your Pinterest!!!   -Philicia

Shabby Chic Frame

I feel like it’s been forever since my last post. I was on vacation, in beautiful South Carolina, and when I came home I was buried in laundry!! But I feel caught up now (after 2 weeks), and I am ready to blog.

I wanted to show you this old black mirror that my friend Dayna gave me.

As you can see, it is really cool!!!! The only thing about it was that the mirror  was so old that it was starting to chip and decay.

I decided to take the mirror out of the frame and and paint the frame white to match my office.

The first step to this project was to take the mirror out of the frame.

Once I took out all of the staples and screws from the back, I laid the frame onto a table to be painted. BUT FIRST it had to be sanded!! I just use a foam block sander, and sand it by hand. Just a quick scrub down to give the old paint a little bit of roughness, so that the new paint sticks.

Here are a few pics of what the frame looked like after being sanded.

Now onto painting. I wanted this frame to POP when it was mounted on my wall. My walls are matte paint, so I chose a semi-gloss, interior, white paint. Glidden brand is my all time favorite interior paint!!! I would say you get the most bang for your buck with this brand. It holds up good, looks beautiful, and is priced right.

I didn’t primer this so I ended up putting about 4 coats of white on this frame.

And now the frame is done!!!

I had these other open-face picture frames that I bought at Hobby Lobby for 90% off. They ended up only costing $1.99 each! I thought I would incorporate these frames with my new white frame on my wall.

I added a mirror, cork, and my DolciDesign logo in these frames.

Fun Photo!!!

and I think I shall end things off with a little Black and White action 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!!!

Ottoman made out of an old Pallet

I have been obsessed with reusing pallets lately. Earlier this week I started making a shoe rack out of an old pallet and today I decided to make an ottoman out of a pallet that I got from work.

 I was also able to find these casters that came off of an old shelf.

I drilled the casters onto the pallet.

Next, I used this giant pillow for a cushion.

This material is the only thing I had to buy for this project!!! It is thick upholstery fabric  and it was only $10.00 for the 1 yard that I got.

I stapled the fabric around the bottom of the pallet with a staple-gun.

From there I trimmed the excess fabric off.

And there you have it!!!  A super cute accent piece in the home.

Love Black & White!!!

Oh yeah, I forget to mention that I looked similar ottomans up online. I couldn’t find anything under $200.00. I think I am just fine and dandy with my $10.00 ottoman!!

Please let me know what you think!! Have any ideas for my next blog? Email me at

Hope you enjoyed!!! ❤

DIY Spring / Summer Wreath

Spring is here!!! The weather in Grand Rapids MI these past few days have been record breaking high temperatures!!! and…I’m LOVING it! I have been wanting to make a wreath for my red front door, for a while now,  but didn’t know what to do until I was inspired by this amazing weather!

Here is what my Front Red Door looked like without a wreath.

Front Red Door - Before

I bought a pre-made wicker wreath, for about $4.00 at my local craft store.

I decided I wanted fun, warm colors incorporated into this wreath to compliment this warm weather.

I started making paper flowers out of pastel colored card stock paper, then placed them along the left side of the wreath.

Break-Down of How to make the Paper Flowers.

Step 1 Cut Paper into a Square.

Step 2 Cut Square into a Circle.

Step 3 Cut a Spiral out of the Circle.

Step 4 Start to Roll the Edge of the Spiral

Step 5 Continue Rolling All of the Way Up the Spiral Until You Can Not Roll Any More.

Step 6 Glue the Bottom of the Paper Flower into a Shape that Looks Good.

There You Have Your Paper Flower!!

*Remember – If at first your first flower doesn’t turn out, try it again…It takes a little getting use to. But I have faith in you!*

Flowers Lined along the left side of the wreath

Now I have taken a wooden Bird shape and wrapped it in Yarn. I laser-cut this shape out myself at work, but they have many wood shapes to choose from at your local craft store for about $1.00 each.

Below you can see the birds wrapped in yarn. Hot Glue works well for keeping the yarn in tack on the wood.

Use hot glue for placing everything onto the wreath as well.

The finished Spring / Summer Wreath….


and After…

Fun Photos of the piece.

I hope you enjoyed!!! ❤

If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing any of my pieces, feel free to Facebook me or email me at

Nightstand with a New Attitude

I have 1 nightstand for 1 side of my bed right now, but it would be nice to have 1 on each side, so I went searching! I found this beat up nightstand with some great character and got a great deal for it.


Maybe it’s the beautiful weather we have been having lately, but I am in the mood for pastel Easter/Spring colors. I debated on pastel blues, or greens, but I already painted rooms in my house that color, and frankly I’m kind of over those colors (for now). So I chose to paint this a daffodil yellow! And…



I wanted that beach-y distressed look, and I got it!

I cleaned up the knobs, painted them silver, then threw them around a bit, to give them a distressed look too.

After I was done working on this, my boyfriend, Alan really wanted it for his record player…so maybe, if he’s lucky, I will let him use it for that.

Then I guess that means I get to make another one for myself!

I hope you enjoyed!!!